by: EdZ

Listening to the CD, I couldn't help but notice the similarity of the NGE soundtrack and Escaflowne (Over the sky,etc.) soundtrack. Both have mostly instrumental tracks and image songs. The NGE soundtrack has the opening song, three incarnations of the ending song, and a whopping 19 instrumental tracks (excluding the instrumental version of Fly me to the moon). I'm not saying that they're bad or anything. In fact, they were excellent ranging from awe-inspiring (EVA-00 to 02 image songs), real depressing (Rei I & II) and just downright kawaii (Misato & Asuka image songs). So, if you're a die-hard EVA fan, a music student looking for some inspiration, or just looking for the perfect CD for those lazy afternoons, this is for you. If not, well... give it a try anyway or just look somewhere else.

SM RECORDS LTD. GA 064 58:41 (23 tracks)

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