by: mmx

This soundtrack of the hit series YU-YU HAKUSHO is worth the money you will spend. Given the reputation of the series itself, the soundtrack will never disappoint the anime music lover. Even though the album only contains six songs, those songs are enough to liven up your minutes of listening with upbeat tunes. It has different kinds of music styles ranging from lively pop rock (Tracks 1 and 2) to the mood-inducing, slow rock (Track 4). The nice usage of saxophones and groovy guitar riffs, along with the great synthesizers, make a good combination. A track is also devoted to a small dialogue in one part of the series as bonus but I really didnít give it much notice since Iím still having a hard time to understand Japanese. I listened to it once because I was curious as to how the original voice-actors sounded like. And for all you wannabe singers or vocalists out there, the last six tracks are dedicated to you. These last six tracks are the first six tracks in minus-one, giving you a chance to exploit your singing ability and to be the king of karaoke in the privacy of your own room. Lyrics come with the soundtrack (obviously in Japanese).

SM RECORDS LTD. Ė GA 033 Ė 61:53 (13 tracks)

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